Color Crush by Kellee Wynne Studios Complete Branding yellow

History of Color Crush™ Creative

Color Crush™ Creative was created on a whim. Literally within two hours from the first spark of an idea I had the whole concept set up. A very fun name, accounts for all the social medias and a system for a new weekly color palette that artists and creators could use as inspiration. A Friday newsletter was born and a beautiful concept was in place for sharing colorful creations on Instagram.

The Whole Thing was a Crushing Success!

From the weekly color palettes a community grew and ideas spread. Artists found a new spark for creating from the inspired palettes and began sharing their art with enthusiasm! But the questions mounted on how to use color and more importantly, how to find the perfect colors to match the weekly palettes. My online education business took off with my first venture in an art membership and recording color mixing lessons.

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